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The GED Class Online

The GED® Class Online

Your classroom is never more than a click away. While you can not take the GED exam over the internet, you can enroll and study from the comfort of your own home using The GED® Class Online.

This online course is ideal for those who were unable to complete high school, work long hours or simply manage a hectic family life. The GED® Class Online will allow you to study at your own pace, designing a program that is specifically made to meet your academic needs.

General Information

 Why don't I get my high school diploma online? 

The GED Diploma represents the best solution because it is a state and nationally recognized equivalent to a high school diploma.

Accreditation for online schools. Most all online high schools are not recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

The GED Diploma is accepted as equal to a high school diploma because it’s a nationally standardized test that has to be taken at a test center. Watch out for the online scams.

 Is The GED Class Online course accredited?

GED preparation schools must meet the curriculum standards set by the American Council on Education (ACE). The program offered by The GED Class Online not only meets those standards, but actually exceeds the ACE standards in all five subject areas.

We guarantee you’ll pass the GED test or we’ll refund your tuition.

 Can I take the GED test online?

NO. The GED is administered under the direction of the American Council of Education (ACE). Official GED tests are ONLY given at designated test centers throughout the U.S., U.S. Territories and Canada. 

The GED test CAN NOT be taken online. However, you can take online GED courses that help you prepare for the real GED test.

 Why Should I Trust The GED Class Online?

Why The GED® Class Online?

 Our one on one personal tutor eliminates over crowded classrooms and the frustrations of group learning. 

 Study at your convenience. No need to worry about arriving early, finding a babysitter, rush hour traffic or schedule changes at work interfering with class. 


 Learn what you need to know to pass the GED exam. The online program analyzes your progress and tells you exactly what you need to study to be the most successful. You could finish the program sooner than most students. 


 There is NO time limit with The GED® Class Online, once you register, we are committed to your success until you pass the GED exam. 


 We will refund the entire tuition of The GED Class Online program for any student who does not pass the GED exams after completing our course.

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